Birthday Magic

November 29th, 2016 in Family, Good Things



My girl woke up early this morning to wish her brother a happy birthday.

“Good morning, my little sugar lump!” she said to the boy wrapped like a tamale in his flannel duvet. “Happy Birthday! I love you! Today you’re eleven!”

“Not yet,” he said. “I’m still ten. Mom, what time was I born?”

“You were born at 8:53 a.m.,” I told him.

“Mom!” he said. “That’s 8 – 8 – double infinity!”

We all liked that.

And then we sat down to a magical birthday breakfast of pink heart-shaped waffles with raspberries and purple edible glitter.IMG_6693IMG_6695







I took the kids to school and then headed off to the woods.

To be in nature and celebrate having brought this magical boy into the world.

“Hmm,” I thought to myself. “How about I find some magic today in honor of my boy …”IMG_6817

But when I got to the woods, the paths were closed.

So I had to go a different way.

And in doing so, I stumbled upon the altar that I had made four days ago.

Where I had strewn the pink blush rose petals in honor of the Magdalene.

In honor of the Divine Feminine.

I was coming from a different direction, so I wasn’t sure I was at the right spot, until I saw them.

The still-pink blush rose petals looking pretty much the same as they did when I made the altar FOUR days earlier.

IMG_6819IMG_6823Still pink.

Still soft.

Even the stem was unfazed by being out of water for four days (to say nothing of the fact that these roses were bought 12 days ago).IMG_6824IMG_6827

I was pretty amazed by all of this.

I sent some photos to a friend.

And then I carried on.




And found a tree I fell in love with.IMG_6864

I took a seat at its roots and looked up.





And in the branch above me I swore I could make out a woman’s face.

With heavy dark eye make up, round cheeks, and long dark hair parted down the middle.

I quickly snapped a photo and sent it to my friend.

“Do you see this?” I asked.

She said she did.

“What are you thinking it is? You think it’s the Magdalene?” she asked.

Certainly looked like it to me.

Just then the light changed, and I tried to take another photo, but everything was too dark.

FullSizeRender-11I checked the time and the two photos were only 5 minutes apart – I had caught the light at exactly the right time.







“That’s some pretty good magic!” I thought, thinking back to the roses I had bought 12 days ago for the Magdalene, and despite having nothing in the water, this morning the two remaining roses in my vase still looked like this:










At this point, I was totally in love with this tree and snapped a photo to show my boy.









I kept walking, and stumbled upon another tree.

This one looked like it had an angel’s wing sticking out of it.

IMG_6905I took a photo for my little guy.

And then it was time to head home.




Only, I suddenly really wanted to buy some persimmons.

I suddenly really needed to buy some persimmons.

And I knew I needed to buy them from this one particular store (though it’s not the closest).

It was totally out of my way.

And I couldn’t explain it.

But that’s how these things are sometimes.

So, I threw up my hands and headed to that store.

And as I approached, the sky was filled with clouds that looked like a giant angel!

Immediately, I knew my boy would love this!

But where could I get a clear shot of the whole sky?!

And then I turned the corner, and pulled into the parking lot of the store with the persimmons.

And the whole glorious sky opened up for me.IMG_6916

I began to laugh – knowing that now I didn’t need to buy persimmons at all!

In taking the photo, I had what I had come for.

The persimmons were just a rouse to get me here!

(Still bought ‘em though, of course.)

When he got home from school, I showed him the magical photos I had collected in his honor.

He loved them.

And then we sat down for a giant tower of rice crispy treats and we made wishes.

IMG_6923For, of course, more magic.

IMG_6925Happy Birthday, my love.

I have no words to express how proud I am to be your mama.

x0x0x0x0x0xoxoxoxoxox x infinity (+ a bazillion)

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