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    I was raised by a parent who could not feel loved by me. I joked with my friends that her mantra was, “Whatever you’re doing? It’s not enough.”  No matter the gesture, no matter the words, it was never enough for her to feel the love. Her mother left her as a child […]

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The Gift

I was not a girl who grew up having a best friend.  I was not blonde.  I was not thin.  My hair, it did not feather.  I grew up hiding, hoping no one would notice these things. When I was 28, I fell in love in the way that best friends do.  Mutual friends introduced […]

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Tomorrow is a big day for me

Tomorrow is a big day for me. Two years ago tomorrow, I woke up. My 41st birthday was two days away, and I woke up knowing that the only gift I wanted, the only dream I had left to allow myself, was divorce. So two years ago tomorrow, never once having considered or mentioned it […]

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I’m not always, you know, perfect …

When I first separated from my ex I decided to make a life-affirming trip, on my own, with my two babies to NYC. Stripping myself from the cardboard cutout of a marriage I’d been in, the trip was my way to embrace the future – to make sure my children saw and experienced the world! […]

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