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In the Bath

One cold December night I’d taken my babies on an unsuccessful run to pick up a Christmas tree.  We came home empty-handed and frozen to the bone.  My 6-year old daughter, who had done extra chores to be able to get the tree that night, was pissed. I plopped both babies in the bath, despite […]

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How I Became A Mother

When I was pregnant, I planned every detail of my baby’s birth.  Her birth was lovely, born at dawn, with the soft glow of the stained glass bedside lamp, in the coziness of my own bed.  And after we all ate breakfast, the new little family snuggled together and slept. Dawn, a new beginning – […]

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Twenty-Five Things About Me

1. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the height of the Valley Girl craze. This was not a good thing. 2. My mother used to slap certain ”looks” off my face. 3. When I was 41 years old, I think I had a nervous breakdown. My parents came for Christmas and I […]

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