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A couple of months ago it became clear that my girl was in the throes of puberty.  (Poor thing.)  It was also clear I needed to have the talk with her about sex.  Not the “You Insert Tab A Into Slot B” kind of talk.  She has heard about the mechanics of, you know, basic […]

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Piggy Pants – or – Just Clear Your Mind

I was asked recently to name two or more people I know who I admire.  I quickly came up with one wonderfully vibrant, creative, playful person, but was stumped when it came time to come up with the other.  Completely stumped.  But more on this later … I was a pig this Halloween.  A bold […]

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A Thanksgiving Story

I have a warm Thanksgiving story to share: As you know, I have a little boy.  As you may not know, I have a little boy who pees all over the toilet seat.  All the fucking time.  And then denies having done so … to the bitter end.  It goes a little something like this: […]

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