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Lost In My Vagina*

* Warning: If the thought of my vagina makes you want to throw up in your mouth, don’t read this.  (You know who you are, those are your words, and I LOVE YOU!! but don’t read this.)  If you have ever romanticized what being with my vagina might be like, don’t read this.  If you […]

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A Cup of Tea and Valentine Cookies With Me

So, for those of you who have been able to avoid my posts this week, I’ll catch you up to speed: I got it into my head to go out on the street and hug people who needed it; I made a video of the experience (which I love); and then I splintered off in […]

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A Simple Valentine

A Simple Valentine (by JustLara2013) Usually when I write these posts I know exactly what I want to say, the sentences form themselves in my head.  But this one is different. This is definitely not the post I had intended to write. There have been a lot of high emotions roiling around inside me this […]

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Saturday morning I woke up with an idea burning in me.  I wrote about my inspiration in Who Loves You?  And then the need to do this – this crazy, crazy thing! – galloped down on me. Time, I knew, was of the essence.  I knew that if I let myself get to Monday, real […]

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Who Loves You?

I was asked the other day, Who loves you?  The question took me aback for a second – I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that before.  But then I rattled off a handful of names.  That’s good right?  And then the person said, Yeah, that’s great!  Sometimes if I ask a person who […]

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Are There Any Friends Here?

When I was four and my brother was two we moved to a new town.  Will there be friends here? I asked my mother.  There will, she assured me.  And with that she sent my brother and me down the street.  He was shy.  I was not.  So we went door-to-door, hand-in-hand, me knocking and […]

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