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You Are My Sunshine

  I got up early this Thanksgiving for my first race with the kids – a  5k “turkey trot” through a Eucalyptus grove just north of where I live. But before I had barely wiped the sleep from my eyes, I popped some bread in the toaster and found a lovely little surprise waiting for […]

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Angels Under My Roof

      My boyfriend of nearly four years moved out yesterday. When we met, my little boy was 4.  His 8th birthday is this week.  Those are some important years.  My little guy took the news pretty hard, as I knew he would. He was like a daddy to me! my little boy sobbed […]

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Catch My Fall: The Healing

  If this story were fiction, you would not believe it. If this story were fiction, I would not believe it. But it is true. Raised by a mother who could not feel loved by me – whose needs always came before mine – I became someone who felt worthy of love only when I […]

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The Unknown Path

  Recently things have been hard.  Really hard.  With little sleep, I’ve been strung out on stress and high emotion.  It has felt, at times, like perhaps the center might not hold. Naturally, such things tend to interfere with the rest of your life – and things like training for a half marathon are quickly […]

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