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Preston & Vince

  I go back and forth about your signs and messengers. Sometimes I think you are manic and tripping out and sometimes I think you are acknowledging the mystery of connectedness in all of our lives and finding great happiness and peace. Either way, I love that you are writing about it!! Keep up the […]

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  As parents – as people – sometimes we make mistakes. We just do. But it’s what we do with those mistakes that defines who we are, that defines our character. – Grace II All Feelings Are Mutual   Yesterday I met my father at the airport in Phoenix. I watched him come down the […]

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The Messenger

  I was waiting to board the plane today. The plane to take me to Arizona, to meet my father and take him to the funeral of my older brother. The brother I had seen only once in my life. And whose death – and life – have been haunting me. As I sat waiting […]

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The Sins of My Father

  Do you ever do that thing? That thing where, when something is too hard to deal with you pretend it doesn’t exist? I had two brothers. One of them died today. The one I pretended didn’t exist … *** I was five months pregnant with my second child when my older brother found my […]

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Surfer Girl

  I have a blonde Amazonian goddess of a child. She was nearly 9 pounds out of the chute, and by third grade she wore a woman’s size 7 shoe. (She is 10 in the photo to the left.) While in third grade, we went for her annual check up and my girl got on […]

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The Unknown

  I recently attended a workshop at which we went around the room and pulled a word from a bowl. My word was “unknown.” Yeah, I thought, that fits. In the last four months, I have lost so much. So much. I lost two people I adored. And then I lost the two most significant […]

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