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The Quiz

  We were on the plane, killing time. When I hear my girl ask her 8 year old brother, Do you like bad girls? I lean in to hear the answer. Bad girls? he says a little confused by the stupid question. No. When you daydream, do you daydream of the crush you used to […]

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    It was our last night in Hawaii and the kids had wanted to go to a luau. It had been a long week of vacation and we were all feeling it. I was in the shower getting ready for the luau, directing the kids’ sunscreen application for the 479th time this week – […]

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No Ragrets

I was hanging out at a swanky pool this morning looking at all the really bad tattoos nearly every person seemed to have. And then I saw one in particular. Big bold letters across a guy’s back read No Ragrets. It killed me. I couldn’t decide whether it was funnier if the misspelling was accidental […]

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  Who is Monica to you? the surf instructor in Kauai asked after Monica had caught a wave. She’s my, um … she’s my friend, I said. So she’s your girlfriend? he said. Oh, no – there’s her wife there waving to us from the beach, I clarified. Oh, sorry – it’s just that you […]

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Wish You Were Here

Few things, it turns out, are better than riding around an island in a Jeep with the top down. Except maybe swimming for hours in the ocean. And maybe having your son pick a flower each morning for you to wear in your hair. Few things are better than surfing with your badass daughter. And […]

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  “This is my family. It’s little and broken but still good. Yeah – still good.” Lilo & Stitch The thing about having kids is … sometimes you’re on your game, and sometimes you’re not. And when you’re not you just have to hope you do no permanent damage.   I have been planning on […]

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