Once upon a time, there was a Little Girl Who Shone Like the Sun.

She was a Little Girl with a Wild, Beautiful Heart and Passion for Yellow.

One day, the Mother planted a Tree with Big Yellow Flowers – in honor of her Little Girl – on the Edge of Their Home.

Years passed.

The Little Girl with the Wild, Beautiful Heart Who Shone Like the Sun grew Tall and Strong, Majestic and Proud.

The Tree with the Big Yellow Flowers grew Tall and Strong, Majestic and Proud.

Until one Day, when the Tree grew precariously Unstable.

And Crashed through the Fence that kept the Family Safe.

Chaos descended on the Family.

And for a moment, the Girl lost Herself …


The Girl awakened one Dark Morning, Numb.

Only to find that  – in the Blink of an Eye – she had Lost everything she held Dear.

She was Wild with Grief, Disbelief, and Despair.

And desperately in need of Hope.

She walked to her Tree.

And there she found an Old Woman standing before Her.

“Hello,” the Girl said. “What are you doing?”

“Hello Dear,” the Old Woman answered. “Why, I am admiring the Beautiful Yellow Blossoms on this Tree. Aren’t they Beautiful?”

“They are Beautiful,” the Girl agreed. “This is my Tree.”

“Well, then I will send photographs of the Beautiful Blossoms to you as a Gift,” the Old Woman said, narrowing her eyes. “You know,” the Old Woman continued, lowering her voice. “I saw you Yesterday. In that Scary Place. I was there, too. I was sitting next to you. You complimented me on my hair! You look much better now, today, love.”

The Girl with the Wild, Beautiful Heart could not believe her ears!

Just like that, her toppled Tree – planted so many years ago – had brought the Light of Magic into her Time of Darkness!

Just when the Girl had needed it most!

And just like that, Hope descended again on the Family …


“We should talk to our Tree,” the Mother said. “We should explain that, as much as we love Her, we need to take Her down. She has grown too Unstable and She is no longer Safe. Hopefully, She will understand.”

The Family talked to the Tree, who was not at all Happy about being taken down.

“What is your name?” the Mother asked of the Tree.

“Aurora,” said the Tree. “I am the Goddess of Dawn, Bringer of a New Day. My Sacred Plant is Saffron, the Essence of Gold.”

The Mother nodded, and explained to Aurora that the Family would honor Her Life.

And that Her Death would, in fact, bring the Family a New Day.

Such that the Family would be Grounded, Stable … and most importantly, Safe.

Aurora agreed to Sacrifice Herself for Her Girl.

And for Her Family.

So, at Dusk, the Family lit Candles of many Colors on their Tree.

And sang Songs of Fire.

Of Death and Rebirth.

The Family bid Farewell to their Tree.

The Family thanked Her.

And then the Family began Preparations for a New Dawn.







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