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Her Mercy

When you’re kneeling through the hours, And you’re doubting your given powers, And when you’re ready for her mercy, And you’re worthy, It will come … It will come When you’re broken, When your heart is finally open, When you’re down, Down and troubled, When you’re lost among the rubble … Mercy, mercy, coming to […]

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Chiaroscuro: Moon of Fire

Give me the flammable life I’m cold as a match Ready to strike So here I go … It started with a spark And burned into the dark So here I go … Something From Nothing, Foo Fighters *** It is 3:30 in the morning and I am awake. Again. It happens a lot these […]

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Resolution of Happiness

“[W]here you stumble, there your treasure is.” – Joseph Campbell *** It was the New Year. The end of the 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows that were 2014. And time to meet the 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows that lie ahead. Early this morning I received the news: the closest thing I have to a […]

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My Affair With Your Husband

  “You are the light. Keep shining. So people in the dark see a beacon and know there is light out there somewhere.” – Your Husband In The Birthday Card He Sent Me While Trying To Muster The Courage To Leave “You only lost 10 months with him? Shit, man, I can burn up a […]

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The Dark Night of The Soul – II

  If you were to boil down what you’re experiencing to one thing, what would that one thing be? he asked. I look at everything I’ve done – everything I have made – and I realize it’s all been to fill the void. Of loneliness. Of otherness. A circus of distraction. To fill the void […]

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The Dark Night of The Soul – I

  I bled for 11 days straight. So much blood that I took to undressing in the bathtub. So much blood that it splattered on walls. One morning I woke up, looked down – and with uncharacteristically-Ninja-like reflexes, I caught a blood clot the size of a rodent before it hit my white tile floor. […]

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