CoCo & LaLa





“Are you two twins?” the woman asks in all seriousness. “Or just sisters … ?”

We look at each other in disbelief.

But funny that …

Although we have known of each other since adolescence, we have only recently become friends.

And yet …


We are two girls from the land of indoor malls and concrete block fences separating neighbors.

And so now when we are together … we head straight out for nature …


We walk among the mist of the redwoods.

We tuck ourselves into the protection a giant redwood.


Safe in the heartwood of this beautiful tree.

We breathe in the cool, hushed, and hallowed air.

“Can you sing Hallelujah for me?” I ask her quietly.

From the redwoods, we head along the coast to the beach.

She gives me shells to remember her.

And to remember this day of us.

A storm rolls in and we head down to the shore to meet it head on.

The rain sheets down on our heads.

I turn my face to the sky.

“The raindrops feel like tiny kisses on my face!” I yell to her through the noise of the storm.

She cheers me on as I leap across a stream.

To the shelter she has found for us under a cypress.


I turn my eyes down.

And find evidence of love even in the storm.

Even in the dross on the sand.


 “Thank you,” she says. “Of always reminding me that it is all about love. Love. Only love.”


And so the next time someone asks if we are twins?

My response will be yes.


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