La Magdalena



Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamos amori.

(Love conquers all, let us too surrender to love.)

                         – Virgil

When I met Yeshua by the well for the first time, the mere proximity of his presence activated my internal Alchemies. A Serpent Power moved up my spine as if I had practiced the disciplines I had learned …

                                                              – The Magdalene Manuscript*


May I enter your sacred space? he asked softly.

Permission granted, my breath grew slow, long, smooth, and deep.

I grew full up.

My core slowly dissolving into golden light …


It weighs heavy on one’s heart
I could tell right from the start
That sweeter ones are hard to come across
Well there is more than meets the eye
Heart like yours is rare to find
Someone else’s gain will be my loss ..


Mmm, your skin is like caramel, I murmured, gently stroking his arm.

Nuzzling the warm skin of his smooth back.

He pulled me tightly into his body and my face softened and ignited.

I lapped up his sweetness like a kitten with a tiny dish of warm milk.

That smile! he said, his smile reflecting my own. Look at that!


Little things that make you smile
Dancing barefoot in the dark
If only I had strength to change your mind
Oh, for what you need
You will not seek
Choose your words before you speak
Can you see that all you’ve got is time?


We sat side by side, our bare feet touching ever so slightly.

He fed me sweet persimmon and red raspberries.

He leaned in, and, as if on command, dual currents of electricity coursed up through my body.

The Serpent Power moving up my spine.

Would you like a healing? I asked, with a voice that clearly was not my own.

Save yourself
Oh, won’t you save yourself
Oh darlin’, save yourself for someone else
Yeah, save yourself
Oh darlin’, save yourself
Oh, won’t you save yourself for someone else


I lit the candles, prepared the oils, and smoothed the cool white sheet on the bed.

He lay his head on my breast.

I held him and we breathed as one.

He lay his long smooth body against the sheet.

His long dark curls framing his face.

And then the healing began …

Tell your secrets to the night
You do yours and I do mine
So we won’t have to keep them all inside
Oh, for one so pure
Can’t be sold


The flames gently flickered.

And bathed his beautiful brown body in candlelight.

The spirit of the Magdalene filled the room.

Hovering over me and the beautifully incandescent man.

He had grown luminous in the gentle candlelight.

I gazed up through the firelight at the length of this beautiful man.

His long dark limbs glowing softly against the clean white sheet.

His long dark curls framing his beautiful face.

It was then that his face changed.

And he became Christ.


Save yourself
Oh won’t you save yourself?
Go on and save yourself for someone else
Yes, darlin’ save yourself
Oh won’t you save yourself?
So, go on and save yourself for someone else … **


At dawn I awoke with my heart beating in the palms of my hands.

My hands vibrating with newfound electricity.

I told him the story.

Of how La Magdalena had visited us the night of the healing.

Of how he had become Christ.

Did my face change? he asked.

How did you know?! I asked, incredulous.

Because, he responded. Your face changed, too …



* By Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion

** Lyrics to Save Yourself by Kaleo



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