Mercy, Mercy





Well, there’s sugar on the old spoon,
Let’s do that old dance around your front room,
And when you’re ready for her mercy,
And you’re worthy,
It will come …


It was Good Friday.

The sweet beautiful man who had turned to Christ in November when the Magdalene had come to me had visited the week before.

And on Good Friday we discovered that – not only were we born in the same hospital – but the person who had encouraged me to go to the retreat where we had met – nearly 1,000 miles from his home – just so happened to know us both.

We – all three of us – were reeling from the synchronicity and the odds against our discovery of the same.

Plus, that was the third time I had rescheduled, he said, almost to himself …


Easter came.

These days, I told him. My life can completely change in a week.

And as soon as we got off the phone, I received the message that forever changed my life and that of my children.

I’m going to need a lot of love, I told him later.

It’s on its way, he promised.

And then in the sweetest, most thoughtful way possible, he delivered …


Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s Love

Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s Light

Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s Love

Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s Light


The day before Easter, I bought yellow roses for the Divine Feminine.

I intentionally put nothing in the water.

And 10 days later, they were still alive …


Mercy, mercy, coming to you,
Feel her beauty flowing through you —
She will unbind you, set the word free.
Mercy, Mercy*


On the Sunday of our celebration of the Earth, I carried a rose to the forest to create an altar before a monument stone.

With each petal, I laid down a blessing.

A blessing for Grandfather Sun.

A blessing for Grandmother Earth.

A blessing for Sacred Plants.

A blessing for Sacred Animals.

A blessing for Sacred Humans.

A blessing for Sacred Ancestors.

A blessing for The Sacred Dream.

A blessing for Sacred Law and The Book of Life.

A blessing for The Wind.

A blessing for The Measure of Intellect.

A blessing for Grandfather Stars.

A blessing for Grandmother Planets.

A blessing for The Spirit of All Plants, Earth Mother.

A blessing for The Spirit of All Animals, Earth Father.

A blessing for The Souls of All Humans.

A blessing for The Enlightened Masters.

A blessing for The Dream Teachers.

A blessing for The Keepers of The Book of Life.

A blessing for Our Highest Selves.

A blessing for Wakan Tanka, The Great Spirit.

May The Everything Bless Us All.

* Lyrics to the song “Her Mercy” by Glen Hansard



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