I read an awesome article today about pleasure.

Not the chocolate-sex-foot-massage sort of pleasure.

The pleasure in being sort of pleasure.

Recently, I turned a corner.

And now I am feeling the pleasure of small things.





The red dahlia that matches the candy apple red coffee machine at the cafe.














The radishes in the grocery store!

(And seriously, who cares about radishes?!)









Forget the radishes! Look at the dahlias!

(Can you imagine trying to push your cart behind me at the grocery store while I photograph the produce? Total nightmare.)






A friend decided to drop by today for a beer before dinner.

My little boy was ecstatic when he found out he was coming.

I love my life, he said. I love this world!


I was driving when he said this.

But fortunately we were stopped.

So I turned around to look at him where he sat in the backseat.

You are incredible, you know. You make me so happy. Just knowing you makes me happy. You are an amazing person.

Thank you, he said in earnest. You make me feel all warm inside.

This on the ride home from Ross Dress for Less.

Complete pleasure.

More days like this, please.

Just more days like this.





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  • Colleen Courtney Andersen