So, what’s the catch?



Saturday night I had the pure pleasure of spending the evening with six amazing, creative women.

While we laughed and shared stories, one of the women – Sherry Richert Belul – talked about Plant a Kiss Day, which was upon us.  Sherry is passionate about the pursuit of extraordinary moments – for herself and for others – and Plant a Kiss Day** is meant for us to share a little magic with the world.

Simply put (flash to me in a teddy bear suit hugging terrified strangers): I was all over it.

My lovely friend Andrea Scher and I left our evening with these vibrant women and decided that, if Sunday morning found us so moved, we would get our kids together, have them make a lemonade stand, and give the lemonade away for free.

Free homemade lemonade!  What could be better?!

Naturally, there were about 45,000 things that needed to be done on Sunday before the week began – you know, the usual buying groceries, making breakfast, taking down the recycling … showering … but when I woke up I thought, How awesome would it be to have a mother who hatches a plan for fun while you’re asleep, so you wake up and BAM! you’re creating a free lemonade stand to make some magic and remind people of our connectedness!

Thinking about what an awesome mom this clearly would make me sealed the deal.  So out the window went the grocery shopping, the cooking and showering, replaced instead by bagels for breakfast and lots and lots of lemons.








The kids were totally into making the lemonade (shocker) and the idea behind giving it away.  In fact, my little guy wanted to make stickers that said, “You are loved” but instead made these, which is kind of the same thing when I think about it …


(That’s a drawing of a glass of lemonade, by the way.)












When we set up our stand we asked passersby, “Would you like some free lemonade?” and explained that we were out on this warm Sunday offering people lemonade for Plant a Kiss Day – just to do something nice for people we did not know.  One guy said, “Free lemonade?  What’s the catch?”  And without missing a beat, my little guy responded, “The ‘catch’ is love.”

The “catch” is love.

If I had been wondering whether my 7 year old son understood what we were doing, I had to wonder no more.  Man, did he get it.

So, we switched it up a little and announced that we were giving out free lemonade to make people feel loved.  Hard to see how there could be a “catch” in that.  People were so gracious and tickled to receive the lemonade these adorable little boys had proudly made for them.  But every once in a while someone would hurry past us, grumbling “no thanks” – to which my little boy would shrug and say (in a “Their loss” kind of way), “Guess they don’t want love ...”  But a lot of people told us we made their day.

All in all it was a total success.  “Mom,” my little guy said as we wrapped things up, “That made me really happy.  Can we do it again?”

Clearly, we’ve started something here.  Our Plant a Kiss Day was nothing short of a string of extraordinary moments with friends and strangers alike.  I’ll take that over a shower any day.









**16 bloggers set out to “Plant a Kiss” in the world on April 29 to honor Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s work.  We each did something to spread a little extra joy, color, connection, poetry, or magic in the world.
Today each of us is posting our experience.  Click here to see how each of us was uniquely inspired to Plant a Kiss.






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  • laurie wagner

    The catch is love – baby – your little guy nailed it for all of us. Love this!

  • Kelley

    So wonderful – love, love, love that your little guy got it so clearly. We can learn a lot from him!!!

  • Jill Salahub

    So awesome. He GOT it. 🙂

  • thejuliewong

    So cute. Now I want some lemonade and love 🙂